How to Grill Potatoes with a Contact Grill

On this particular page we’re not going to review contact grills or other countertop units that you might want to purchase. What you can find here is an interesting video that would show you how to grill potatoes with a contact grill of any kind (even though the model which is used in the video is of the famous George Foreman brand). We hope you’ll enjoy this grilled potato recipe or that it would inspire you to cook some other recipes that you wouldn’t normally try.

Breville Heavy Duty Panini Maker Sandwich Cooker TG425XLR

If you have been looking for a sandwich maker lately then there is a good chance that you’ve encountered at least one Breville Panini press during your search. Obviously, it’s not surprising because there are numerous Breville sandwich press models in the marketplace, in addition to dozens of other kitchen appliances that are manufactured by the same brand. One Breville Panini grill that we are able to find is model number TG425XLR. This unit has a couple of features that can be valuable for those who wish to have a versatile appliance. For example, this Breville Panini maker has six adjustable height settings that control the upper grilling plate of the unit. For more data about the TG425XLR Breville sandwich maker, simply read the review here.

Sensio 13267 Bella Cucina Nonstick Panini Grill

The number of Panini presses that the average customer can find when looking for a Panini maker is quite big, so making a thorough research before purchasing any appliance can be a smart move. One unit that is not extremely famous nowadays is the Bella Cucina Panini grill. As you may already guess, the Bella Cucina company is far from being as popular and renowned as the Cuisinart brand or the Hamilton Beach company (both of these respected brands produce Panini makers in addition to numerous other kitchen appliances). The Bella kitchen Panini press includes a nonstick grilling surface, a slide out drip tray, typical indicator lights and a couple of other features.

Hamilton Beach 25324 100-Square-Inch Nonstick Indoor Grill with Panini Press

One countertop grilling machine that is manufactured by the Hamilton Beach company is the Hamilton Beach Panini press 25324. This specific product can also function as an indoor grill, and also includes a 100 square inch nonstick cooking surface. However, the Hamilton Beach Panini maker does not come with removable cooking plates, and has a couple of features and issues that you should know about before going to buy this model.

Cuisinart GR-2 Griddler Express Contact Grill

As you may know, there can be a great difference between one Cuisinart panini press and another model of the Cuisinart brand. The Cuisinart GR 2 is an interesting appliance that has a couple of handy features and an impressive heating mechanism. On the other hand, this Cuisinart griddler does have its own disadvantages that you should know about before buying the Cuisinart Panini grill model GR-2.

George Foreman GR20B Family-Size 60-Square-Inch Nonstick Grill

The George Foreman brand is only one company that manufacturers numerous contact grills, electric griddles and other countertop units. One of their popular models is the George Foreman GR20B family-size 60-square-inch nonstick grill which practically has a very attractive price along with a variety of other handy features. If you want to learn more about this George Foreman contact grill then this specific review is for you.