Breville BGR200XL Panini Grill

In case you’ve been trying to find a quality Panini maker or countertop grill there is a pretty good chance that you have encountered at least one Panini press manufactured by the famous Breville brand (there are actually a lot of Breville Panini makers, and the Breville BGR200XL variable temperature Panini grill is only one such model).

Breville BGR200XL Variable Temperature Panini GrillEven though the Breville BGR200XL Panini grill is definitely a respected kitchen product that deserves your attention, it’s not really the most popular Breville Panini press (for example, both the Breville BSG520XL Panini press and the Breville BGR820XL smart grill are very successful products of the same brand that are currently more popular compared to the Breville model BGR200XL).

One of the features that this sandwich maker offers is the 7 adjustable height control settings that can allow much greater versatility compared to other Panini presses (and not many countertop grills or Panini makers offer such a useful height control). For example, if you want to cook open melt sandwiches you can use the higher control settings, or in case you are trying to cook more delicate foods you get the opportunity to reduce the weight that is exerted on the food by using the lower control settings.

What are the Dimensions of the Breville BGR200XL Panini Maker?

In short, the Breville BGR200XL Panini grill offers a 115 inch non stick surface and the dimensions of this countertop unit are: 5.7″ x 12.2″ x 15″.

Its size along with its easy cleaning features make the Breville sandwich grill a very user friendly appliance for cooking a variety of foods from chicken Panini’s to delicious mascarpone desserts.

The Cleaning Features of the Breville Model BGR200XL

First of all, this Breville Panini press comes with a cleaning spatula that makes all the cleaning process a lot easier. Moreover, the cooking plate of the Breville BGR200XL Panini maker can be tilted and adjusted so that the bottom grilling plate could drain the unwanted grease, fats and oils into the drip tray.

If that’s not enough, the drip tray of the Breville grill BGR200XL is not only removable but dishwasher safe as well. It means that you don’t need to work very hard in order to clean the drip tray, simply put it in the dishwasher and let this mechanical device perform all the hard work.

While it’s relatively easy to deal with the removable drip tray, you should know that unlike some other Panini makers, the Breville BGR200XL Panini grill doesn’t have removable cooking plates (like the removable plates of the Cuisinart GR-4N griddler). However, the angled ribbed plates of this Breville Panini press are still nonstick and therefore cleaning these cooking plates by hand shouldn’t be a much difficult task.

In addition, the Breville BGR200XL variable temperature Panini grill also includes ‘Power’ and ‘Ready’ lights along with an attractive design that will probably blend nicely in almost any kitchen.

On the other hand, the Breville BGR200XL Panini maker is definitely not a cheap countertop appliance, and if you’ll want to purchase this specific unit then you would have to pay an expensive price for it.

Once you do get yourself a countertop grill or Panini press (like the Breville model BGR200XL or a different Breville sandwich grill) it’s possible to cook a wide range of foods that are not only going to be delicious, but easy to cook once you get used to it and gain experience. Furthermore, it’s not a must to follow all the instructions in the recipes that you use, you can combine your knowledge and prepare even Asian food that many people just love. On the other hand, you can stick to what you like best, whether those are hamburgers, fish, cheese sandwiches and etc. So make sure that you’ve collected enough information about the Breville BGR200XL Panini grill before buying this product or any other countertop appliance.