Breville XX800GRXL Factory-Reconditioned Die-Cast Indoor Barbeque and Grill, Stainless

This Breville XX800GRXL review page focuses on a specific Breville Panini press, despite the fact that there are a variety of other Breville Panini makers that we can find on the marketplace.

Even though many Panini and sandwich makers nowadays have nonstick removable grilling plates that could basically be dispatched from the whole design and cleaned in a simple way in the sink or dishwasher – the Breville XX800GRXL factory-reconditioned die-cast indoor barbeque and grill stainless doesn’t have removable cooking plates (although they are ‘non stick’ after all).

Breville XX800GRXL Sandwich Maker Cooking Plates

Now, there are advantages and disadvantages for not having removable grilling plates. First of all, when you’re using the Breville 800GRXL indoor barbeque you can generally know that the nonstick plates cannot accidentally fall while the food is being cooked on the hot surface (which isn’t the case with certain Panini presses in the market).

Breville XX800GRXL Factory-Reconditioned Die-Cast Indoor Barbeque and Grill, StainlessAdditionally, in most countertop grills and Panini makers that don’t include removable plates – the heat distribution in such units is often quite good, thus allowing the user to cook the different recipes a lot better. The Breville XX800GRXL refurbished diecast Panini press can also get relatively hot in order to sear the food properly, which is a significant advantage over some other sandwich presses and indoor grills.

On the other hand, the fact that the grilling plates of the Breville grill XX800GRXL can’t be removed make the unit a bit harder to clean when compared to Panini makers that do have this feature. And if that’s not enough then the big size of this Breville indoor bbq and grill won’t make it any easier for you (in terms of cleaning, but you could prepare larger amounts of foods with such a surface).

Moreover, because of the Breville XX800GRXL factory reconditioned diecast’s large size some people may have some trouble storing this indoor barbeque depending on the kitchen’s cabinet or storing place.

This Breville sandwich maker also offers adjustable height and tilt features that can actually be used for more versatility in various foods and recipes. It is possible to adjust the height of the top cooking plate in accordance with the cooked dishes (more delicate foods like vegetables might be seared with the lower settings).

The tilt feature could adjust the lower plate of Breville XX800GRXL refurbished diecast sandwich press in order to drain the unwanted grease into the drip tray of this Breville grill which is dishwasher safe and therefore shouldn’t be too difficult to wipe clean.

Furthermore, the Breville 800GRXL Panini press can be in an open flat form that offers the user an even bigger nonstick cooking surface when compared to the contact position.

In addition, the Breville indoor bbq and grill cooks the food pretty good, however the heat distribution isn’t completely even, but not something that should ruin your meal, and it’s certainly better than many other countertop grills and sandwich makers.

Yet, the price of the Breville XX800GRXL factory reconditioned diecast indoor barbeque is far from being cheap and there may be other models that could fit the needs of the consumer in a more affordable price.

Obviously, having a versatile countertop unit like the Breville 800GRXL indoor bbq is going to help you prepare a wider range of foods, recipes and dishes, but you would have to get accustomed to the Breville sandwich maker before cooking some great meals like grilled salmon, seared vegetables, burgers, pizza, bacon, Panini’s and etc. Moreover, reading information about food nutrition and safety shouldn’t cause any harm to you and you’re probably going to benefit from it.

When considering the fact that the Breville grill is quite big in its size – a decent kitchen cabinet would also make your life easier in case you decide to buy the Breville sandwich press after reading this Breville XX800GRXL review.