Breville Heavy Duty Panini Maker Sandwich Cooker TG425XLR

If you have been looking for a sandwich maker lately then there is a good chance that you’ve encountered at least one Breville Panini press during your search. Obviously, it’s not surprising because there are numerous Breville sandwich press models in the marketplace, in addition to dozens of other kitchen appliances that are manufactured by the same brand. One Breville Panini grill that we are able to find is model number TG425XLR. This unit has a couple of features that can be valuable for those who wish to have a versatile appliance. For example, this Breville Panini maker has six adjustable height settings that control the upper grilling plate of the unit. For more data about the TG425XLR Breville sandwich maker, simply read the review here.

Breville XX800GRXL Factory-Reconditioned Die-Cast Indoor Barbeque and Grill, Stainless

One more interesting Breville panini press is the XX800GRXL indoor barbeque. This particular Breville sandwich maker has a couple of features that might draw your attention. For example, the Breville panini grill 800GRXL doesn’t have removable cooking plates, but non stick grilling plates that are not removable. Of course, there are both good points and negatives ones to this feature, so you should know enough details about this model before you decide to purchase it. The Breville sandwich press also offers a pretty large cooking surface that might be useful when you cook, but cleaning the big Breville panini maker could be a bit harder when compared to other units.

Breville BGR200XL Panini Grill

Despite the fact that the Breville BGR200XL Panini grill is probably not the most successful Breville Panini press available in the marketplace, you should examine this product if you are looking for a versatile and useful sandwich maker. The Breville Panini maker BGR200XL comes with a variety of interesting features that you should take a look at, and when you purchase this specific Breville sandwich press you also receive a cleaning spatula in addition to the countertop unit. For more information about the Breville Panini grill BGR200XL you can simply read this article or you can search for other reviews on this particular website that contain details about other Breville sandwich maker designs, or the products of other brands.