How to Grill Potatoes with a Contact Grill

On this particular page we’re not going to review contact grills or other countertop units that you might want to purchase. What you can find here is an interesting video that would show you how to grill potatoes with a contact grill of any kind (even though the model which is used in the video is of the famous George Foreman brand). We hope you’ll enjoy this grilled potato recipe or that it would inspire you to cook some other recipes that you wouldn’t normally try.

George Foreman GR20B Family-Size 60-Square-Inch Nonstick Grill

The George Foreman brand is only one company that manufacturers numerous contact grills, electric griddles and other countertop units. One of their popular models is the George Foreman GR20B family-size 60-square-inch nonstick grill which practically has a very attractive price along with a variety of other handy features. If you want to learn more about this George Foreman contact grill then this specific review is for you.

Cook Indian Flatbread with the Contact Grill or BBQ

If you want to learn how to cook grilled Chapati on a BBQ or contact grill then you should check a short video of Mark Bittman. In the video Mark, a respected American food journalist, shows how to make Indian flatbread on an expensive barbecue. Even though the Indian bread is prepared using an outdoor grilling machine, you should not limit yourself only to outdoor units – it’s possible to cook Chapatis on contact grills and other countertop units as well. Trial and error is the key here, if you won’t test something whether it’s a delicious recipe or an electrical cooking appliance – you’ll just never know. So don’t be afraid to try cooking Indian flat breads on the contact grill or BBQ.