Cuisinart GR-2 Griddler Express Contact Grill

As you may know, there can be a great difference between one Cuisinart panini press and another model of the Cuisinart brand. The Cuisinart GR 2 is an interesting appliance that has a couple of handy features and an impressive heating mechanism. On the other hand, this Cuisinart griddler does have its own disadvantages that you should know about before buying the Cuisinart Panini grill model GR-2.

Cuisinart GP-40SA Griddler Express Contact Grill

Another countertop grill that you should know about is the Cuisinart Panini press GP-40SA model. Unlike other units of the same company that come with removable plates, this Cuisinart griddler includes fixed grilling plates that cannot be removed. However, it also means that with this Cuisinart Panini grill the nonstick cooking plates are not going to fall and you won’t experience the hassle of placing and removing the grilling plates from the whole unit. Moreover, the Cuisinart griddler express contact grill comes with a couple of handy and useful features. For additional information about the cooking performance of this Cuisinart Panini press and countertop grill simply read the review.