Cuisinart GP-40SA Griddler Express Contact Grill

If you are familiar with other Cuisinart griddlers that are available in the market then you would probably know that a couple of these models come with removable cooking plates that can make it a lot easier to clean the appliance once you’re done preparing the food. However, the Cuisinart GP-40SA griddler express contact grill doesn’t have removable grilling plates, but ones that are fixed to the whole unit.

Cuisinart GP-40SA Griddler Express Contact GrillTherefore, it may probably be a bit harder to clean the Cuisinart GP 40SA grill compared to another countertop unit of the Cuisinart brand which has removable plates (for example, the Cuisinart GR-4N 5 in 1 griddler that is much more popular than the Cuisinart griddler express contact grill) but as long as you’re not cooking fat foods that will generate a lot of grease and excess fats, then it shouldn’t be a big issue to clean.

On the other hand, in the models where you could remove the nonstick surface for easy cleaning, it’s sometimes complicated to place the plates properly in their spot – they could fall while cooking if you’re not careful and there is also a small chance that something is going to break in the electrical appliance. So this specific problem simply doesn’t exist with the Cuisinart GP-40SA contact grill.

Of course, it would be necessary to mention that the Cuisinart GP 40SA Panini press and countertop grill does have a nonstick grilling surface like many other Panini makers and indoor electric grills in the market.

Moreover, the nonstick cooking surface of the Cuisinart griddler express contact grill is measured 12 by 9 inches and also includes a floating hinge that can adjusts to the right thickness of the grilled food, so that you would get not only better cooking versatility but a unit that sears the food more evenly compared to a contact grill that doesn’t come with a floating hinge.

In addition, when you buy the Cuisinart GP-40SA Panini press and countertop grill you also receive a manual with recipes for you to try, a drip tray as well as a cleaning tool that is suited especially for the Cuisinart GP 40SA model. While all of these useful features are indeed interesting, before you purchase a serious cooking tool it’s necessary to investigate about its cooking performance – in order to make sure that it can grill your burgers properly, sear the vegetables or any other dish that you intend to use it for.

Cuisinart GP 40SA Panini Press and Contact Grill’s Performance

Even though the Cuisinart griddler express contact grill isn’t very cheap (and not very expensive on the other hand) you would still expect it to heat up evenly in order to cook the food properly. However, it seems that the steaks, hamburgers and other junk foods are not grilled evenly as you would expect. It’s still possible to prepare a meal with the Cuisinart GP-40SA contact grill, particularly if it’s something more simple like Panini sandwiches, but there are probably other contact grills and Panini presses that might do a better job overall.

Furthermore, the Cuisinart GP 40SA griddler express has helpful ready indicator lights and variable temperature settings for versatile cooking – obviously, not something that’s critical.

Other than the various Panini makers and countertop units that can take the place of the Cuisinart griddler express contact grill there are expensive Cuisinart griddler units that can serve as a much better alternatives. One example is the Cuisinart Panini press GR-1 model that isn’t as versatile as the Cuisinart 5 in 1 griddler but can be used to cook quick and delicious grilled sandwiches. Another interesting unit that is very similar (if not the same) to the Cuisinart GP-40SA contact grill is the Cuisinart GR-2 griddler express contact grill. These two units appear to have almost all the same features and if that’s not enough then their look resembles each other too.

In case you’ve been looking for a quality Panini maker or countertop unit then you should check some of the other alternatives to the Cuisinart GP 40SA griddler express contact grill and remember that while it’s fine to eat fat foods that are less good for our health, it’s advised to eat lots of vegetables and other healthy foods, drink fresh water and exercise regularly. Moreover, it’s also possible to use the Cuisinart griddler express contact grill for cooking healthy grilled sandwiches, Panini’s and other recipes.