Hamilton Beach 25324 100-Square-Inch Nonstick Indoor Grill with Panini Press

Another countertop grilling unit that you are able to find in the market is the Hamilton Beach indoor grill 25324. As its name suggests, the Hamilton Beach 25324 100-square-inch nonstick indoor grill with Panini press comes with a moderately sized 100 square inch cooking surface.

Hamilton Beach 25324 100-Square-Inch Nonstick Indoor Grill with Panini PressObviously, it’s probably not the largest surface that you can possibly get, but it is certainly bigger than a lot of its competitors and would be sizeable enough for an averaged family. Additionally, the surface of the Hamilton Beach Panini press is also nonstick coated, in a similar way to other countertop grills and Panini makers.

A non-stick cooking surface is generally easier to cook with, since various foods tend to stick less often than they normally do, and this type of surface can be cleaned more easily as well. However, the Hamilton Beach 25324 grill does not have removable grilling plates, or any type of surface that could be detached from the whole unit for easy cleaning (like some of the newer George Foreman grills, or the Cuisinart griddlers).

The Performance of the Hamilton Beach 25324 Indoor Grill

On the other hand, such countertop units that come with non-removable plates usually have a better heating mechanism and heat distribution so that foods get cooked more evenly and quickly. This Hamilton Beach indoor grill does get hot enough for cooking Panini sandwiches and other recipes that don’t require high heat, but it cannot get the high temperatures that you need in order to sear steaks and other meats.

This is a bit surprising because of the fact that the Hamilton Beach 25324 grill has non removable cooking plates that should allow the unit, at least in theory, to achieve much better cooking results. There are certainly other more interesting models in the marketplace that could offer a lot more than this Hamilton Beach Panini press (even other Hamilton Beach grills and Panini presses would be able to perform a lot better).

Other features which are included with the Hamilton Beach indoor grill are the dishwasher safe drip tray, the power / ready lights and the floating hinge that could be used for more versatile cooking options.

While the drip tray of the Hamilton Beach 25324 Panini press is supposed to drain away all the grease and unwanted fats that are generated while cooking various foods, it doesn’t always do its job.

In addition, this Hamilton Beach grilling machine comes with variable heat controls, but as mentioned before the appliance itself isn’t capable of reaching the high temperatures that are needed for certain foods. Furthermore, its price isn’t very expensive for a countertop grill and Panini press, but there are other alternatives that would provide you with better results.

The Hamilton Beach 25324 indoor grill isn’t the first countertop unit that could function as an indoor grill or Panini press. For example, the Cuisinart brand has a few versatile models that offer a 4-in-1 or 5-in-1 multi-functionality (the George Foreman company has similar units as well). Yet it does not mean that an electrical indoor grill cannot sear a wider range of foods properly – it all depends on the quality of the product itself. Even this Hamilton Beach indoor grill could be used to cook dozens of foods nicely, like toasts, cheese sandwiches, Paninis, sandwiches with vegetables and other dishes. Regardless of the Hamilton Beach 25324 grill, it’s also necessary to maintain a proper diet in order not to gain unwanted weight, and on the other hand make sure that you’re living a healthy lifestyle. As you may already know, drinking water is obviously better than sugary juices, and adding fruits and vegetables to your diet would be smart too. If you happened to own a countertop grilling unit like the Hamilton Beach 25324 indoor grill then you can use it to cook healthier meals.