Cook Indian Flatbread with the Contact Grill or BBQ

Did you ever feel like you don’t have enough recipes to try on your contact grill or outdoor BBQ? Well, there is a guy who can probably be called a professional in this field, despite the fact that he refuses to call himself a chef. We are talking about Mark Bittman which is a respected American author and food journalist. This talented person had a weekly column at the dining section of The New York Times (another huge daily American newspaper that is famous all around the world). For those of you who are curious to know where the Indian flatbread recipe is then it’s possible to find a video below of Mark grilling some Chapatis (Indian bread) on an outdoor BBQ.

In short, the column was called The Minimalist and it was so helpful, popular and good that you can currently find videos of The Minimalist showing you how to cook various foods and recipes in one the biggest websites that the internet has ever seen: Youtube. In this case, talented Mark is showing us how to make grilled Chapati also known as Indian flat bread.

Obviously, you shouldn’t only limit yourself to cooking with the tools seen in a television show or online video – if you’ve got a contact grill, outdoor propane grilling machine or a different countertop appliance that has a ridged surface, you can still try cooking the Indian flatbreads even though you do not own an expensive outdoor BBQ like the one Mark Bittman is cooking on (by the way, just having a quality cooking tool doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to cook delicious meals – you need to have some experience, patience, skill and etc.)

Since the video is good enough and explain almost everything you need to know about cooking grilled Chapatis then we’ll just share the simple video down below. Again the video belongs to The Minimalist and not to this website about Panini press reviews.

Enjoy your time cooking (or ordering) the Indian flatbread with your friends or family members and remember how a basic and simple product such as bread can have so many variations and recipes in different cultures all around the world. In addition, many people around the globe and in India in particular, are actually starving for bread, food and other basic stuff – so if have the luxury of choosing what to eat for breakfast or lunch, you should definitely appreciate it.

Indian bread placed on a plateIn this photo here you can see a great looking Indian bread that is placed on a plate. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Regardless of the grilled Indian bread mentioned above, the foods that you can sear on a barbeque or a contact grill are not always healthy to say the least, so try to eat healthier foods as much as possible for your own well being. Moreover, you are more than welcomed to search for tools to help you live healthier and exercising a couple of times a week can have positive effects over your health.