Maxi-Matic EPN-501 Elite Cuisine Electric Panini Grill

There is no doubt that there are many Panini makers and countertop grills that are more popular than the Maxi Matic Panini grill, which isn’t as famous as other models. The Maxi-Matic EPN-501 Elite cuisine electric Panini grill with non-stick silver, as its name suggests, comes with a nonstick coating that make it a lot easier to clean.

The purpose of the non-stick coating is to prevent the food from sticking to the cooking surface of the MaxiMatic Panini grill, thus allowing the user to achieve better cooking results and end up with an appliance that is much easier to clean compared to a Panini maker or contact grill that doesn’t have a nonstick surface. Moreover, the ‘non stick’ surface of the Maxi Matic Panini press is dual sided, which means that not only the bottom surface is nonstick, but the upper one as well.

Maxi-Matic EPN-501 Elite Cuisine Electric Panini Grill with Non-Stick, SilverAnother feature that the Elite Panini grill offers is a grease reservoir that is built-in along with a drip cup that is supposed to catch the extra grease that is generated while cooking certain foods with the Maxi Matic Panini grill.

Now, this isn’t really the height of technology, but it shouldn’t be complicated at all to use the drip cup of the Maxi Matic Panini press, and when you consider the low price of the Maxi-Matic EPN-501, then you shouldn’t be surprised about some of its poor features. A more expensive Panini maker would certainly include additional features that are more user friendly, yet it’s not going to come at an attractive price.

How Well Does the Maxi Matic Panini Press Perform?

In addition, a floating hinge system with locking lever is also included with the MaxiMatic Panini grill, and those features are supposed to offer more versatility and improved cooking results due to the cooking surface being more uniform in terms of its heat distribution. That said, the Maxi Matic Panini press does a nice job of cooking various sandwiches, Panini’s and other grilled foods but it has got a negative point that you should know about: its small size.

When considering the cheap price of the Elite Panini grill, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that this simple countertop appliance isn’t as large as other Panini presses and electric grills, so there is a good chance that the cooking surface is not going to be enough for a large family. On the other hand, the Maxi Matic EPN-501 Elite Panini maker still offers a medium sized grilling surface at an affordable price.

And another advantage of the Maxi Matic Panini grill when compared to some of its bigger rivals is that it’s not as bulky, heavy or big as those large Panini grills so you probably won’t have a problem storing it in your small (or larger) kitchen.

Storage should also be taken into consideration when you are thinking about buying a kitchen appliance. It’s not rare for customers to buy a large cooking tool (for example, a Panini press or electric grill) and then discover that it’s large and heavy for the countertop and that it would have been smarter to purchase a smaller unit that can fit the dimensions of the kitchen.

Therefore, the MaxiMatic Elite Panini grill can be an interesting option if you are not looking for an extremely useful, expensive and versatile Panini press or countertop grill that is made of high quality. Regardless of the storage issue, Panini presses in general (and the Maxi Matic is only a single product) can grant you the opportunity to eat healthy sandwiches and Paninis like the foods in the milk group that include cheese (ever tasted a great cheese sandwich?), yogurt, milk based desserts and other dairy products that are not only delicious but good for your body too. Obviously, the Maxi Matic Panini press is far from being the only option for a person who wants an average Panini and sandwich maker.